Key Art for YRM

31 July Fine Details

โœ… Filters workaround found โ€” not exactly the same as before butย ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

โ“Quotes โ€” questions remain. I’ve re-rearranged the order so 3 of them sit nicely in the layout, but waiting confirmation on which ones you want.

26 July Fine Details

โœ… New quotes in; stronger TimeOut logo; Dina looking at camera, billing block updated.

โ“My AI-helper has crapped out, meaning I’m struggling to get that painterly effect I had going on before. The tool might come back online, might not. Thought it might be worth you seeing the photo base anyway in case it works for you, and made a glitchy version to explore alts.

22 July Fine Details

Please check and ifย ๐Ÿ™‚ย sign off on Laurels, Billing Block, Quotes

Ghostfaces have been lifted; I preferred the wilder previous version: more impressionistic, more contrast between faces. ๐ŸŽŸย This isn’t weird enough, imo โ€” welcome your thoughts.ย 


โ€” Preceding Rounds โ€”

Routes to YRM

Round 1

This was nice, but kept the attention on childhood Hasnas only. Elegant; too subtle.

Round 2

Capture the fractured intentions. Laurels and Press quotes tbd. Last two of this series most interesting to me.

Round 3

Homage to La Haine followed by a melange of Hasnas, cut through by a young one peeking out.

Round 4

Learning from that lovely Conflict of Interest poster. First one looks like a play, second looks more like a movie. Neither are very resolved.

Round 5: I have a new favourite.

Young Hasna in the background provides Devoted-Hasna her halo of childlike innocence. They’re flanked by her dominant adult personalities, trying to push their way back into frame. The almost-painterly abstract treatment allows wiggle room for the cowgirl’s hat to make an appearance, anchoring the overall image with the striking physical object that became her trademark.

I can perhaps foresee Dina not wanting to take the limelight away from her stars, but she’s the one in the headscarf.

Round 6: The Pawn

Removed the hat+hijab combo, focusing just on the fractured/masked selfs. I really like child-Hasna in shadow appearing last. The three eyes powerfully attract attention. Overall shape of the Pawn is important.