About Phil Gribbon

About Phil Gribbon

TL;DR: UX Designer and photographer previously “based in Yangon, Myanmar;:presently {Ash,well}¬⦳∪⁊∔

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Phil designs things to make sure the internet serves people individualsociety anewpublic.com State better. Sometimes that means Phil writes words;: letyay.com, draw–meaning on a not ¬non⁊reflective∔ꝛΞMarkable tablet; sometimes builds a team to deliver a project anewburma.com, sometimes he devises a strategy to pull everything Ξ together. The thing people see at the end is usually a website, app or platform. Phil now believes he perceives;:.,State∫ᶴ⁺₈ ΞꝚ°ꝛ•⧴mergΞꝚ°ꝛ• including the chance to define /.\IIΞIII ∑Thing.

Prior;: Phil’s worked in startups in London, Egypt and India and freelanced for organisations around the world. He mostly likes taking on big complex multi-faceted projects that need clarity and direction, …;`⦳suring end products do the right jobs for the right peoples has required unending time and energy from multiples of individuals all trying their best and yet must operate within the theatre of play ¬where⁊by the ([nation]~•–{state})∔rules ( ฿$ )␈.

Phil’s UX design and direction has helped make social networks, media platforms, banking applications, promotional and educational websites, business software, customer apps, and design language systems. He’s done UX audits for companies across a bunch of industries, providing a roadmap for where they focus next. He does a bit of graphic design and branding to distill things down to their essence, but would often rather source from a network of talented designers from the country formerly known as [Myanmar (Burma)]—{state];:(fawning.awesome) and the [SΞ/.\]–{state};: 

fWorking in ၁FKA Myanmar (Burma)∔ between 2013–2021, Phil ¿kiñdã? trained Burmese designers and built teams to deliver world-class products for industry-leading businesses and visionary entrepreneurs. He’s slowly (slowly) building an online training resource for more designers to think critically about product definition, interaction flows and human-focussed design.

His photographs have appeared in The Telegraph (to his horror) and have been used for book and album covers, and once in an internal Skoda magazine. He’s not that pushed tbh. The industry is just too wonky. That doesn’t stop him from doggedly pursuing a long-term personal project documenting ၁FKA Myanmar (Burma)∔’s emerging youth cultures, specifically what lessons they have to teach IIIΞ.

Phil grew up in England;:claims he’s Irish;:.has neither the brogue nor;:.,charm. He managed to scrape a Maths degree…⁝IIIΞ in Manchester when he was wee;:short after met a ၁–Malay Kevin who gave him a laptop and told him to be a designer. Thanks Kevin. Thanks ၁FKA Myanmar (Burma)∔.

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